Curbside Delivery and In-Store Pickup FAQs

Where is Curbside Delivery and In-store Pickup offered?

Curbside Delivery and In-Store Pickup is available in all of our neighborhood PetPeople stores. 

What days do you offer Curbside Delivery and In-Store Pickup?

These services are available every day, except for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How does Curbside Delivery work?

Place your order online using the In-store Pickup option. You will receive an email notification from the store when your order is ready. Upon arriving at the store, simply call the store to alert them you are there and waiting, and an associate will bring the order to your car. 

What is the cutoff time for Curbside and In-Store Pickup?

All orders received at least two hours before store closing are eligible for same day Curbside Delivery and In-Store Pickup.

What if I place my order after the cutoff time?

All orders placed within two hours of the store closing time will be available the following business morning. For orders placed outside of our normal business hours will be available two hours after we open the following business day.

How long does it take to process my order?

Orders are generally filled within 2 hours of receipt. Upon completion, notification that your order is ready will be sent via email.

How much does In-Store Pickup cost?

Both our Curbside Delivery and In-Store Pickup services are FREE. Customers simply pay for their items, with no additional fees applied.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?


How do I order?

Visit to place your Curbside Delivery and In-Store Pickup orders. For these services, simply utilize the In-Store Pickup option, and verify your preferred store location at checkout.

Do my online orders qualify for your PetPeeps and Frequent Buyer programs?

Yes. All orders placed through our website automatically earn PetPeeps points. Eligible food and litter purchases will also receive PetPeople Frequent Buyer benefits. At this time, PetPeeps vouchers and Frequent Buyer Cards can only be redeemed in-store.

Who do I contact with questions about my order?

Please email us at

How do I return something purchased online?

All returns must be processed in one of our PetPeople neighborhood store locations. Please review our full policy here.

For Same-Day Home Delivery questions, please click here.